May Mashup Race

Hosted by O Kalani Outrigger – Alameda, CA

On Saturday, May 4, 2024, O Kalani is kicking off the NCOCA outrigger racing season with a twist! We’re running a few standard 3 mile and 6 mile events and one coed mashup event. This last event will randomly shuffle paddlers among different club crews and offer a fresh and dynamic race!

Club registrars, use the NCOCA registration site to register your crews by Wednesday, May 1, 11:59 PM. Bring paddler NCOCA ID cards on race day to check in crews.

Event Schedule

  • 7:00 Arrive & Rig Canoes
  • 8:00 Registration Open
  • 9:00 Opening ceremony and meeting
  • 9:30 Event 1 – Novice, Junior 16, Junior 19, Short Course (one circuit, 3 mile)
    • Junior 16 Men/Women/Coed UL/Spec
    • Junior 19 Men/Women/Coed UL/Spec
    • Novice Men/Women/Coed Spec
    • Open Women/Men/Coed Spec
    • Open Women/Men/Coed UL
  • 10:15 Event 2 – Women (two circuits, 6 mile)
    • Open Women UL
    • Open Women Spec
    • Master 40 Women UL
    • Master 40 Women Spec
    • Master 50 Women UL
    • Master 50 Women Spec
    • Master 60 Women UL
    • Master 60 Women Spec
  • 11:30 Event 3 – Men (two circuits, 6 mile)
    • Open Men UL
    • Open Men Spec
    • Master 40 Men UL
    • Master 40 Men Spec
    • Master 50 Men UL
    • Master 50 Men Spec
    • Master 60 Men UL
    • Master 60 Men Spec
  • 12:45 Event 4 – Coed Mashup (one circuit, 3 mile) – Steersperson & Stroker (1M, 1F) to remain with their club’s canoe, seats 2-5 to be mixed up among all clubs!
    • Coed Mashup UL
    • Coed Mashup Spec
  • 2:00 End of event & awards

Mashup Event Details

Register your coed crew(s). Your stroker and steersperson (1M, 1F) will stay with your club’s canoe, and seats 2-5 will be randomized amongst all participating clubs. Paddlers will line up next to canoes and shuffling will happen in an orderly process with instructions from the race director. This mashup crew will complete 3 miles.



Each paddler will pay a flat fee ($25) and race as many times as they (or their coach) desire! We ask that clubs count the number of participating paddlers and provide a check made out to NCOCA the morning of the event, or via Zelle to (link), to cover club fees. Be honest with your headcount when calculating fees – we can always audit after the event!


We’re trying to reduce waste! Awards will consist of a photo-op in O Kalani’s yard and home-baked goodies! Note: divisions with insufficient entries will be combined with the next-lower age division.

  • 5+ entries: 1st, 2nd, 3rd
  • 3+ entries: 1st, 2nd
  • <3 entries: category combined with lower age division (if available) OR 1st place only


Bring your spray skirts, which may be required depending on conditions. You must have six PFDs and a tow rope in each canoe.

Event Map

Event parking will be located at the nearby back lot. Navigate apps to W Hornet Ave & Skyhawk Street., Alameda, CA. Please don’t park in the Encinal Boat Ramp main lot.