Membership Agreement


  1. I will respect the rights, dignity, and worth of myself and others.
  2. I will respect the environment.
  3. I will adhere to policies and rules set out by O Kalani and its governing organizations.
  4. I will pay membership dues and canoe storage fees in full within 60 days of published due date (March 1, annually) or in installments according to a pre-arranged written agreement with the Treasurer.
  5. I know I am welcomed and encouraged to volunteer for, participate in, and support O Kalani’s activities, events, and races.
  6. As a coach or steersperson, I will:
    a. Treat each paddler with respect and dignity.
    b. Make crew decisions based on fair and equitable standards.
    c. Be available to answer questions and foster an environment of open communication.
    d. Lead by example.
    e. Seek assistance from the Head Women’s or Men’s Coach or President to resolve conflicts.
  7. I will follow the procedure for voicing my concerns or complaints regarding coaching or the management of O Kalani or the paddling program as follows:
    a. I will talk with a coach privately.
    b. If I feel my concern/complaint has not been addressed, I can talk to the Head Women’s or Men’s Coach.
    c. If I still feel my concern/complaint has not been adequately addressed, I may talk with the O Kalani Board President or Vice President. If a matter is brought to the President’s or Vice President’s attention, the President or Vice President will automatically bring the matter before the O Kalani Board of Directors for resolution.
  8. I will ensure all visitors sign waivers before paddling with O Kalani or from O Kalani’s site.

Property and Equipment

  1. I will care for and respect canoes, equipment, and O Kalani’s site.
  2. I will refrain from leaning against or stepping over canoes.
  3. I will take care when moving canoes (e.g., lift, not drag).
  4. I will help rinse, transport, and secure O Kalani’s canoes after use.
  5. I will keep O Kalani’s site clean and free of litter.
  6. I will ensure the O Kalani’s site is secure upon leaving.
  7. If a club canoe is damaged, I will notify a coach or board member immediately. If I borrow a privately owned canoe and it is damaged, I will notify the owner immediately.
  8. I will obtain approval from the Board of Directors to borrow an OC-6 outside of sanctioned practice times.
  9. For safety reasons, club-owned OC-1s shall only be used with approval of a coach or board member at sanctioned practice times.
  10. If I loan my personal canoe to another paddler, I understand that I do so at my own risk. I am responsible for ensuring the equipment is in working order, and the paddler can use it safely.


  1. I will cooperate with and respect the coaching staff and their decisions. This includes the setting of crews for practices and races.
  2. I will accept feedback, constructive criticism, and instruction with an open mind.
  3. I will demonstrate good sportsmanship at all practices and races.

Personal Property

Personal property should be respected at all times. Personal items left or temporarily stored in the O Kalani site are the responsibility of each individual member. O Kalani accepts no liability for damages or theft of equipment or members’ personal property including canoes and surf-skis, paddleboards, backpacks, clothing, paddles, or other items that are stored at members’ own risk. OC-1 and OC-2 canoes and surf-ski storage can be accommodated for members on a first-come, first-serve basis, space-permitting in coordination with the O Kalani Board and the canoe storage term set forth. An annual fee must be paid for storage of such watercraft. No personal property or equipment (e.g. bikes, motorcycles, surfboards, SUPs etc.) other than temporary/daily storage of paddles, personal clothing and practice gear is allowed at O Kalani’s site.


Safety is paramount both on and off the water. Violence or illegal drugs, in any form, will not be tolerated. On-water safety protocols must be followed. For example, before taking the OC-6 on the water for practice, it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure the canoe is properly equipped with at least 6 personal flotation devices (PFDs), 2 bailers, 1 bucket, and 1 backup paddle. If you cannot swim, you are required to wear a PFD while in the canoe. It is each member’s responsibility to carry a PFD while on an OC-1.

I understand that it is my responsibility to uphold the Member Code of Conduct. I understand that O Kalani promotes an open forum of communication, and l should follow the procedures to make myself heard. I understand that I have the power and responsibility to make a positive difference as a member of O Kalani. Given just cause, I understand that the Board of Directors reserves the right to revoke my membership.

Annual Canoe Storage

O Kalani maintains a rack for members’ personal OC-1 and OC-2 canoe storage. Surf skis are permitted if space allows and a member already stores an outrigger canoe in the rack. Members must be in good standing, with fully paid membership dues and rack fees, and agree to the Storage Terms (below) to store personal property in O Kalani’s rack.

Storage Terms

  • Storage spots are for OC-1s, OC-2s, and surf-skis (surf skis, as space allows and for members who already store an outrigger canoe on site).
  • O Kalani Outrigger Canoe Center assumes no responsibility for theft or damage to member-owned OC-1s, OC-2s, or surf-skis. Member is in good standing and either fully paid in annual dues or on a board approved payment plan.
  • Fees set annually by the board of directors. For the 2021 season (March 1, 2021 to February 28, 2022), fees are $100 per storage spot and are due March 1 with the annual dues payment. Storage obtained after March 1 will be prorated to the first day of the following month from when storage was granted.
  • Requests for private boat storage must be made in writing to the Secretary and will be ranked based on the date on which they are received. The Secretary will maintain a waiting list.
  • One storage spot is available per fully paid member on a first-come, first-served basis as space allows. Additional spots will be granted to members provided no member is on the waiting list at the start of a season.
  • One storage spot may be carried over from year to year per member. Members will need to vacate additional storage spots for those members on the waiting list seeking a spot as of March 1.
  • Coaches are granted one storage spot at no cost.
  • The secretary will maintain an inventory indicating which member is assigned to each spot.
  • Should a member vacate a spot before the end of the season, a prorated storage fee from the first day of the next month will be refunded to the member upon request. The spot shall be made available to the next member on the waiting list.
  • A canoe with a storage spot that is sold to another member may retain the storage spot for the remainder of the season. The following March 1, the spot shall be reassigned according to the waiting list. It is the responsibility of the new canoe owner to contact the Secretary to request to be added to the waiting list.
  • O Kalani-owned canoes are guaranteed storage. Should O Kalani procure additional canoes, they shall be given priority for storage.
  • Storage is intended for active paddlers only. The Board of Directors reserves the right to remove canoes that belong to inactive paddlers to make room for active members on the waiting list with 30-day written notice. In such an event, a prorated storage fee shall be refunded to the inactive member.