Aloha O Kalani,

Our community flourishes thanks to the indefatigable coaches, volunteers, and board and the aloha spirit that graces us on and off the water. New boats, large and small, have made their home at our club site, and there will be room for even more with the undergoing expansion. Here’s a briefing of a few things that are going on with the off-season:

Practice Schedule

Official evening practices during the weekdays are not being held at this time. It’s cold and too dark too fast. Men’s and women’s weekend practices have been combined and are run Saturdays at 9:00 AM. Co-ed paddling is still Sundays at 9:00 AM. The water is pretty cold nowadays, but morning weather is generally calm and mostly cloudy at worst. The weekends in October and first half of November have actually been pretty warm. Even though most of us are taking it easier (or even just totally hibernating) during the off-season, many are still coming out and getting some miles in here and there on the weekends. Don’t become a couch potato – keep moving, keep paddling!


If you’ve been to the site recently you’ll notice a bit of the east fence has been peeled away and new posts freshly installed. Our lot is about to grow almost 50% larger. The site’s eastern border is going to be pushed over into the firefighter’s practice parking lot as we’re making room for additional OC1 storage and making room for an upcoming kayaking business. The project is coming together a little at a time almost every weekend morning. If you’re around, walk on over to check it out or even lend a hand when Ben, Tim, or Diego are working on it. There is debris to carry off, sweeping to do, and equipment to move.


Offsite a new trailer is under construction. While the current trailer has gotten our OC6s and OC1s safely to and from races, we are in need of a better, safer setup for loading and unloading. Paul’s busy procuring materials, putting plans together, and welding a new trailer that would accommodate up to six OC6s. It will have an integrated braking system, LED lighting, idiot-proof strapping system and may be powder coated O Kalani Red to make it look badass!

V1 Traditionals

Parked by the unlimiteds are two club V1 canoes that have been patched up in good working order. The third is currently under repair by our youngest members. Despite their weight, these traditional, rudderless canoes are quickly becoming the most popular canoes in the club as they can make for a technical challenge on flat, surfless mornings. They’re also a great way to hone steering skills.

3rd Unlimited

On the site you’ll notice that there’s a third, blue unlimited under covers. We’re providing temporary storage for a budding outrigger racing program in Tahoe as cold weather passes through. This unlimited is not for club or personal use. 

End of the Year Party

An end of the year party is in the works. Date is still to be determined, but it will be either on the first or second weekend of December. A survey was sent out to gauge the best date. Don’t forget to fill that out and submit it!

See you on the water,

O Kalani Board

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